Matchbox News – 3/22/2023 – Convoy, Lexus LX600, Mazda RX-8, and Some Great Recolors

Well what do you know, it seems Matchbox is planning a bit of a comeback for the Convoy line.  After the line disappeared from both Walmart and Target in the US, I figured this line was done for, but the most recent sneaks on the Matchbox Instagram suggest there’s some great stuff in store! 

Technically, we’ve seen this Shell truck with the Western Star cab before, and we know that it’s likely to be paired with a Mustang GT bearing a matching Shell livery.  I’m extremely excited for this one, as this is exactly the kind of real-world livery I loved on the Matchbox trucks I played with as a kid.  The printed Shell branding on the doors is wonderful as well. 

Behind the Shell truck, there appears to be a bottom dumper truck with an INC livery.  While I don’t personally collect INC vehicles, I’m sure there’s a number of collectors that will be clamoring for this one!  I can see there being a lot of play value to that dumper trailer as well, as it would fit right in on a construction site (read: sand box).  

In the back, we see a fresh release of one of the most iconic Convoy models of all time: the Mega Ton Fire Truck!  I’ve seen previous releases of this model going for some crazy prices, so it’s great to have a new version that (hopefully) collectors can pick up at retail prices.  Bring back the Convoys! 

Trucks were not the only thing the Matchbox team previewed this week, and one of the other highlights was this fresh recolor of the Mk1 VW Golf GTI.  It’s nice to finally see another clean, stock-looking version of the GTI, especially given the frequency with which diecast Golfs are given crazy liveries!  Amazingly, this model looks to still be getting detailing on three sides – good thing, because the GTI wouldn’t be the same without that red pinstripe on the grill. 

Apparently Matchbox remembered they have a mainline Fiat 500 casting, because it looks to be returning in black!  Not the most exciting color, but the livery is clean and it’s a nice casting to have in the collection. 

We finally have a version of the Renault Kangoo worth buying!  This Goodyear livery reminds me of the BFGoodrich livery on the old Ford Transit casting, and that’s a good thing!  I’ve always found the Kangoo to be a pretty boring model, but the Tire Service livery gives it some great diorama value, and it should pair nicely with the recently sneaked Goodyear box truck. 

Matchbox wasn’t the only one sneaking this week though, as Lamley also showed off a couple of never-before-seen Matchbox models.  First up is the Mazda RX-8, which seems a bit off to me.  Don’t get me wrong, the stock deco is great, with full detailing on the headlights and tail lights, and the car choice is excellent as well.  I’m honestly surprised it’s taken this long for one of the Mattel brands to make an RX-8, given the popularity of both JDM cars in general and RX-7’s specifically, but this RX-8 looks a bit too big.  Admittedly, Matchbox cars have never really been to scale, but it would have been nice for this to be closer to the size of the Miata than the Bentley Continental.  I’ll wait to make a final judgment until I get this one in hand though, and I still see myself adding it to the collection regardless of size. 

In fact, the bigger issue looks to be the wheel fitment.  The wheels look like they sit way too far inside the fenders.  Of course, this is a prototype so hopefully they will fix that for the production version.  That rear detailing is also fantastic, with crisp brake lights and badging, as well as a nicely defined diffuser and exhaust tips. 

The other big reveal of the Lamley stream was this Lexus LX600, which will be part of the Moving Parts line.  My, grandma, what big teeth you have!  Easy jokes about Lexus’s Predator Maw aside, this is quite a handsome model that should look excellent alongside this year’s Toyota 4Runner casting.  Obviously, this is a model that will always need to get front end printing because there looks to be almost no casting detail here – it’s all in the print.  I’m absolutely loving the pearl white paint and wheel choice, and something about those wheel arches just looks fantastic!  The brown interior is a great luxury touch as well. 

Along the side is where things start to fall down a little bit…that bodyline for the rear hatch is wrong.  

From the back, it’s clear that this is another classic case of a model being let down by its moving part.  I appreciate what Matchbox is trying to do with the Moving Parts line, but I still think they should have just moved the regular mainline up to a $2-3 price point.  The rear window on the LX600 is way too small and inset too far, and I can’t help but think that it could have been solved by just having the rear of the model be one continuous piece.  Does the opening hatch really add that much play value?  I like the L E X U S text across the back though, and I still think this is likely to be one of the best Moving Parts models of the year.  Seriously, what is it about those wheel arches?!

Finally, we got another look at the Lexus LFA, which is all but guaranteed to be 2023’s model of the year.  Not much new to report here, as we’ve already seen this raw casting, but this is our best look at it yet! 

If you missed them, check out some of my past news pieces here, and don’t forget to follow the blog for future updates! 

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