Matchbox News – 3/11/2023 – Nissan Z, Edelbrock Camaro, Super Chase Cayenne & More

Matchbox just dropped some amazing new sneaks in their Friday Instagram post, including quite a few recolors we’ve never seen before.  Let’s jump right in! 

This is somehow already the 3rd release of this new Nissan Z Moving Parts casting, even though not a single variant has been available at retail stores in North America yet.  Hopefully this will finally make its way to the normal Moving Parts line, because this yellow looks excellent.  It’s bright, with a good color match on the doors, and some nice front and rear detailing, as well as a silver accent and Z logo along the sides.  As usual, Matchbox’s basic wheels look much better than the premium wheels used on the debut gold model.  I must admit, I’m starting to get a little bit of Z fatigue though…

Not nearly as much as I’m getting C8 Corvette fatigue, it must be said.  The C8 has only been out a couple years, yet by my count this is already the 8th C8 recolor from Matchbox alone.  At least it’s a cool car, but come on – where’s the Mercedes CLA Wagon or Cadillac Escalade recolor?  This is a good look for the Corvette though, with front and rear detailing and some subtle 70 Years detailing on the stripe.  For Matchbox rubber wheels, this red lip design doesn’t look half bad either. 

The 2016 Camaro wearing an excellent Edelbrock livery has to be the highlight of these sneaks for me.  Is that because I own a red Camaro?  Probably.  But I also love how well detailed this model is, with tail light tampos that look noticeably different from the ones on previous premium Camaros.  Though I normally hate these wheels, they work rather well here, with good fitment and a style reasonably close to those actually used on the Camaro (though the tires are still too knobby and aggressive).

I’m not sure what to make of the Porsche Cayenne we see featured here.  It’s only featured from this one angle and hidden behind other models, but this was my model of the year last year, so I had to zoom in and investigate.  At first, I thought this was the same metallic black as the previous release, but it seems to actually be a slightly lighter metallic gray.  It appears to be wearing premium wheels, though it’s very hard to tell from this lighting.  At first I thought it must be a Collector series model, but you can just make out some red, orange, and yellow stripes by the rear wheel.  Given its similarity to the deco used on last year’s Porsche 911 Super Chase, I think it’s likely that this will also be a chase model. 

The Toyota FJ Cruiser makes another appearance, this time in red with black wheels.  I’m still not a huge fan of this casting, as it’s just a bit too big, but the black wheels combined with the black of the base offsets the red paint quite nicely and gives this FJ Cruiser an aggressive look. 

The Mercedes G Wagon returns, in a silver color that fits the model substantially better than the matte purple we saw recently.  I will definitely be picking this one up! 

This Mercedes Sprinter looks simply fantastic.  While Hot Wheels recently released their own take on the Sprinter camper in the premium line, it was nowhere near as cool as this Matchbox version.  This reminds me of the Matchbox of my childhood – detailed, made from a number of different pieces and just cool.  I love the graphics on the side, which I find reminiscent of an 80’s motorhome.

This was another great week of Matchbox sneaks, and I can’t wait to find out more about that Cayenne in the future.  Hopefully I can actually find one in store so I can get my hands on one!  You can also catch up on previous news posts here

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