Matchbox News – 3/1/2023 – RC RX-7, Green TTRS, Jeep Gladiator, and a Licensed Goodyear Livery!

There haven’t been too many new Matchbox sneaks in a while, but we finally saw a few new ones courtesy of the matchboxworld Instagram.  The highlight for me is this new licensed Goodyear truck livery, so let’s start there! 

Matchbox seems to finally be bringing back some good truck liveries, with the recent FedEx delivery truck and upcoming Shell fuel truck.  This new Goodyear version of the International Durastar is an excellent addition, as I could definitely see this truck having a spot in a workshop diorama.  It reminds me of the BFGoodrich Ford Transit from a few years ago, though I have to say, I would love to see a Michelin branded truck in the future.  It looks like this truck will be well detailed, with headlights and Goodyear logos on the doors, as well as the front and sides of the truck box. 

Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of Matchbox’s Audi TTRS, so I’m thrilled to see another clean deco for this casting.  Green is a good choice, though I’m not sure exactly which Audi color this is meant to be – it looks a bit too light to be the heritage edition green but too dark to be Kyalami green.  Whatever color it’s supposed to be, it will certainly make a good addition to the red, blue, and black versions I currently have! 

Unlike the TTRS, I’ve never been a huge RX-7 fan, but I cannot deny how perfect this deco is.  The pearl white with a black rub rail and those small wheels simply screams 90’s sports car.  Notice the fitment of the hood piece – it barely looks like a Moving Parts model when the hood is closed.  The paint match is perfect too!  This model will be a must-have. 

We’ve seen the new Fiat 500e before, but this is one of the best views we’ve gotten.  The paint color is great, and it should pair nicely with the regular Fiat 500 Turbo. 

When Matchbox’s mainline version of the Gladiator came out, I was rather disappointed that they decided to model it with the doors off.  It appears Matchbox has decided to rectify that with a doors-on version in the Moving Parts line!  While I don’t really care about the opening hood, I appreciate that the Moving Parts version appears to be getting full front end detailing, as a Jeep really isn’t complete without that signature grill! 

I believe this 996 Porsche 911 Turbo is technically a reissue, but it looks to have received redesigned headlights to add a bit more detail.  The beige interior seems to have been swapped for a black one as well.  I wish they would throw a different paint color on this model since we’ve seen a number of red versions, but at least this will give newer collectors a chance to pick up this quite nice older model. 

Thanks to Thunted on Instagram, we also got a peek at some upcoming Moving Parts models that have not made their way to the US yet.  The highlight is undoubtedly this white MR2, which looks far better than the debut Collectors model thanks to Matchbox’s basic wheels and a more fitting paint color.  This one will be hard to find in stores, no doubt!

We’ve already seen this gray recolor of last year’s excellent 911 Carrera 4S in sneaks, but seeing it in retail packaging suggests it will be out in the US soon!  Though, what is up with Matchbox’s current obsession with gray cars and gold wheels?

Finally, we have yet another Shell liveried model coming in the form of the Divco truck!  I’m hoping this means we will see a Shell version of the Matchbox gas station in the next few years… 

The master list of upcoming Matchbox models has been updated to reflect this new information. 

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