Toy Show Haul – Police Cars, Ferrari 458, Matchbox Golden Era, and more! – February 2023

Even when the shelves of retail stores are empty post-Christmas, you can always count on a toy show to be a treasure trove of exciting models and some great deals.  This Sunday was no exception! 

Can you believe Greenlight made a model of an Iowa State Patrol car?  I don’t normally collect Greenlight models, but I had to make an exception for this one (because, again, can you believe they made an Iowa State Patrol car).  As someone who drives through Iowa with some regularity, I always get a chuckle at the incredibly basic liveries on their State Trooper vehicles.  They’re basically just a stock silver Charger with a sticker on the side, which is exactly what we see replicated here.  It made me laugh, so into the collection it goes. 

Unlike Greenlight, I collect Matchbox models religiously, and I’m a big fan of their California Highway Patrol liveries.  Thus, both of these CHP models were a must have.  The Corvette is a 9 pack exclusive from a 2018 pack that was otherwise very lackluster, but for $1 this was an easy purchase.  The Crown Victoria is the most iconic police car of all time, and the CHP livery is one of the most iconic police liveries of all time, so obviously this one had to go into the collection as well.  

Interestingly, I have another CHP Crown Victoria from my childhood (lovingly worn) which features a slightly different livery and different wheels.  I didn’t catch that difference until I brought the model home, which led me to do some research.  It turns out, there are at least five different variations of the CHP livery on the Crown Victoria…I guess I’ll have to make some more room in my collection.  

From the cop cars, we move onto something that would be better used as a getaway vehicle: the 2008 Dodge Charger.  This is the fifth color of the Challenger in my collection, and I think this orange version is among the best.  Luckily, all the recolors of this casting have been clean, with front and rear detailing and no unnecessary graphics tarnishing the casting’s good looks.  

This has always been one of the best Challenger castings ever made, looking chunky and angular, just like the 1:1 version.  I will always appreciate Matchbox’s use of the same size wheels on the front and rear axle.  Check out that bodyline kink going over the quarter panel – it’s so well executed.  The exhaust tips are part of the diecast body rather than the plastic base, which helps them stand out.  

When it comes to standing out, it’s hard to beat a Ferrari.  The second hand market for Hot Wheels Ferraris has absolutely exploded in recent years, so I’m always happy when I get the chance to add one to my collection for a reasonable price.  This 458 Italia may not be completely stock, but it’s a conservative and largely inoffensive livery on one of my favorite Ferraris.  Happily, we still get front end detailing, and I appreciate a color other than “resale red”.  Mostly, it makes me wish Mattel still had the Ferrari license…

Last up, we have a multipack exclusive Audi RS5.  I’m still surprised Hot Wheels made a model of the modern RS5, and I’m sad to see it relegated to multipack duty so soon into the casting’s life.  This is the second time we’ve seen the casting in red, though this red is much darker and more metallic than the debut color.  Sadly, these wheels do not look good on anything – the Y5 wheels we normally see on this casting are far better.  On the plus side, it’s still a clean deco, which is more than can be said for many multipack vehicles.  

As usual, take this article as a reminder to visit and support your local toy show, and if you’d like to see more Toy Show Haul articles, click here

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